What we do

We do decoration! Decoration is complicated as a concept and as a profession as much as the identity and the human needs are.

From one room to an entire home or development, PhoicMedia is renowned for transforming spaces into innovative and stylish interiors that transcend time.
Let us curate your personal sanctuary or take a new development project to the next level.

Our Services

We transform homes into personal sanctuaries and complete full scope design projects with fixtures, fittings and equipment. 
We specialise in interior design, interior decoration, kitchen and bathroom design, drafting, furniture design, custom lighting design, art consultancy and interior styling.

Our Dedicated Team

With a wide breadth of experience, our designers deliver breathtaking interiors that are welcoming, lived in and loved.

Our design ethos

We focus on the future by designing homes to address the lifestyles of today’s active families.
Our work is built on a simple formula: Competence, Communication and Commitment.

PhoticMedia’s culture is based on the principle of individual excellence.
Our team has been built to work as one, with accountability guiding each individual task.

PhoticMedia By AL NAFIS LTD
Phone : +447868758265
Email : contact@photicmedia.com
Address : 71-75, Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

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